The last greeting to I4XCC

Hi, I am Andrea, the youngest son of I4XCC.
I'm sad to announce that on the 25th of november, Claudio died after an heart attack, around the 10 PM.
He was suffering from a cardiac amyloidosis caused by a multiple myeloma, a disease discovered in the beginning of august.
Although he was weary because of the cardiac fatigue, he carried on his electronic/informatic projects and his passion for the VHF and SHF untill the few days before his passing. Here you can see his last complete project, a mod for a line follower car that transform it in an rc car controlled by an androiod program via bluethoot.
This site will remain online, although i don't know if somebody is consulting it or will consult it anymore, but i don't have reasons to put it down, so here it will stay.
Claudio taught me a lot of things about information tecnology and electronics, and i know i had many other things to learn from him. But time choose, and we have to accept it.
So 73 Claudio, and good luck for your new travel.